1. Abstract of Oral Presentation and Poster Deadline: January 20, 2019.
  2. Applications of Oral Presentation/Poster will be made on our website.
  3. Research summary and original case series can be loaded as a verbal announcement. Besides, both research and case report can be sent as poster announcement.
  4. Oral presentations will be published in Selçuk Dental Journal as full text. Oral presentations can be done in Turkish or English. Oral presentations should be prepared with maximum 3 pictures and 3 tables according to the rules (dergipark_gov.tr/selcukdent/writing-rules)) in addition to the abstracts in English and Turkish also they should be sent to reviewers as a full text for evaluation. You can access the magazine writing rules from our magazine link or our congress site.
  5. The summary of the oral presentation should include the following headings for research or case presentation: “Aim”, “Materials and Methods”, or “Case Description”, ” Results”, ” Conclusion”. 
  6. Oral Presentations and posters should not have been published and presented before.
  7. The name of the person who will present the oral presentation should be underlined. Only first letter of names should be written capital. Ex: Mehmet Küçük
  8. Poster presentation abstracts should be prepared in English and Turkish according to the rules stated in the journal. (dergipark_gov.tr/selcukdent/writing-rules).
  9. Poster and oral presentations should be sent via above the link website. Presentations that is sent by fax, e-mail and photocopy will not be accepted.
  10. The abstract title should be short, understandable and should not be more than 12 words. Abstract and text should be prepared in Turkish and English.
  11. If an abbreviation is used in the abstract, the abbreviation’s explicit name should be given in parentheses where it first passed.
  12. The purpose of study and methods should be briefly summarized, the findings should be summarized with sufficient numerical details and the results should be explained within the framework of the findings presented.
  13. Abstract should not exceed 250 words excluding title, author’s name and surname.
  14. In both Turkish and English abstracts, names of researchers (without mentioning their academic titles) and institutions where they work should be written on the bottom of poster presentations/oral presentations. In the presence of researchers working in different institutions, names of institutions should be coded with different numbers and the figure should be indicated as a superscript next to the name of researchers.
  15. Acceptance of oral presentations/poster presentations will be sent to the e-mail addresses of presenters.
  16. Posters will be displayed on the boards throughout the congress. Poster preparation rules will be placed on congress web page.
  17. Attending the congress is mandatory for people who will present poster / oral presentation. Otherwise, their poster/oral presentation will not be evaluated. Oral presentations/ posters which are not submitted in according to above mentioned rules will be excluded from the evaluation. If presenters do not attend the congress, their oral presentation and poster abstract will not be included in the journal.
  18. Oral presentations will be made on April 25 – 27, 2019.
  19. Each participant can attend congress with maximum 5 scientific study (oral and poster presentations) which he/she is one of authors.
  20. Scientific Committee has the right to make decisions and to change presentations as oral or poster presentations.
  21. No table and figure can be used during poster summary submission.
  22. When the authors send their abstracts to scientific committee of the congress, they have accepted the publication of their papers in the congress book.
  23. As a result of the Oral presentation/Poster jury evaluation, among the oral presentations owners who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards and among case series owner who won the best case poster will be presented at gala dinner.
  24. After your notification is accepted as a poster and the notification is closed, you will be informed by e-mail and poster preparation rules will be sent. Besides, you may find poster preparation rules on congress web page. The day and the time of presentation will be announced to presenters.
  25. Since oral presentations will be determined according to their topics, there will be no change in oral presentations.
  26. Oral presentations will be held within 5 (five) minutes and maximum 10 slides will be used. Names of all participants should be included in the first slide of the presentation. Presentation titles should be prepared as Introduction and General information (2 slide), Material method – Results or Case series (3 slides), Discussion (2 slides), Result (1 slide), Resources (1 slide). Important resources should be placed on the last slide. Because questions and discussions of oral presentation will be held at the end of the session, presenter should not leave the hall until the end of the session.


Abstracts which do not comply with any of these rules will be excluded regardless of content.