Differential diagnosis of fibroosseous lesions of the jaws Prof. Dr. David MacDonald

Radiation dose from DMFR: What and How? Dr. Dennis Rottke

Floroscopic interventions and applications in Dentomaxillofacial Region Doç. Dr. Eva Levring Jaghagen

Pre and post congress USG Hands on Course Prof. Dr. Ingrid Różyło-Kalinowska

Differential diagnosis of radiolucencies of the jaws Dr. Nicholas Drage

Artificial Intelligence: potential applications in dental imaging Dr. Ruben Pauwels

Oral cancers: Our experience in India Doç. Dr. Sunali Khanna

Head and Neck Imaging Session Suprahyoid neck regions: Anatomy-Pathology
-Nasopharynx, parapharyngeal and masticator regions  Prof. Dr. Nail Bulakbaşı
-Parotid, carotid and retropharyngeal regions Doç. Dr. Sibel Bayramoğlu
-Oropharynx and oral cavity Prof. Dr. Gülgün Yılmaz Ovalı

From Diagnosis to Treatment Panel In Oral Mucosa Malignities Prof. Dr. İlknur Özcan Prof. Dr. İlkay Peker Prof. Dr. Ömer Günhan Prof. Dr. Peruze Çelenk Doç. Dr. Erdoğan Fişekçioğlu

Oral Lesions Presentations

-Oral Mucosal Lesion Diagnosis with Cases: What is? What is not?  Why? Prof. Dr. Pelin GüneriProf. Dr. Filiz Namdar Pekiner

Interactive case discussionsDoç. Dr. Enver Alper SinanoğluDr. Öğr. Üyesi İbrahim Şevki Bayraktar