Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to be together with you in another congress. This year 3rd ODMFR 2019  (3rd International Congress of Oral Diagnosis and Maxillofacial Radiology ) will be held between April 25th – 28th, 2019 at Spice Congress Center – Belek, Antalya which is an occasion our society provides the most comprehensive scientific, educational, professional and social atmosphere to our members. Prof. Dr. İlknur Özcan, the president of the scientific committee has prepared a successful program with the scientific Committee of the Congress.  This year three main topics are determined. The most significant one is “Mouth Diseases” and our treasure experts will come together to discuss this subject in a panel. Besides, as an additional innovation, a Head/Neck Panel will be organized and exclusive radiology experts from Neuroradiology Society will present 2 presentations.

We strongly believe that your participation will enrich our congress where the subject content is determined according to your feedbacks. In this context, by usin oral scanner devices there will be two courses included in the scientific program: “Digital Dentistry Course”, “Maxillofacial Ultrasonography Course” and “Conical Ray Computed Tomography Course” will be presented on 24 April 2018 before congress as parallel schedule.  If there is high demand for courses they will be re-organized on April 28.2019.

In the congress beside basic topics, current issues and new developments will take place. For this purpose, experts will be attending to our congress and scientific scientific committee. In addition, regarding recent regulations, presentations of participants will be accepted as full text and published in a periodical scientific magazine which is registered by ULAKBIM.

Besides, this year we will negotiate professional and legal issues concerning our discipline particularly expertise in session “Among Us”.

One of the main objects of the congresses is social integration. In this context, we will try to create more time for social and sportive events that we can integrate. For this purpose, we will organize an awarded photography tournament for colleagues passionate about photograpghy. We are already excited about the idea of being able to be together in a social program we are inspired by sportive content such as football tournament and backgammon tournaments.

We are looking forward to get together at a successful meeting and end our congress as well equipped and satisfied.

Best regards,

President of Oral Diagnosis and Maxillofacial Radiology Society